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Full Funnel Creative Solution
*Prices can change at any time
Looking to scale your product or launch with all the right creatives for a kick-ass marketing campaign?

The Complete Marketer Package is the most advanced video package we offer. 

With 16 Video Assets + 13 Photo Assets total, you'll have your entire marketing funnel ready to launch & scale. This includes a 1 hour consultation with the CEO about your goals and video details. This value cannot be beat. 
*Prices can change at any time
 Est. 30 Business Day Delivery
Need more info?
Video Ad Assets:
  • ​1 x Viral PRO+ (2 Aspect Ratios)
  • 3 x Scroll Stopper Variations (Viral Only)
  • ​1 x Review PRO+ (2 Aspect Ratios)
  • ​3 x iPhone UGC Testimonials
  • ​2 x Instagram Story Ads
Post Purchase Videos:
  • ​1 x Upsell Video
  • ​1 x Downsell Video
  • ​1 x Thank You Video
Optional Video Asset:
You have the option to choose between a Photo Assets or a 3D Animation. 
  • ​3D Animation (0:05-0:10 seconds)
Image Assets:
  • ​3 x GIF Exports
  • 8 Thumbnails
Optional Photo Asset:
You have the option to choose between a Photo Assets or a 3D Animation. 
  • 5 x Product Photos 
  • 5 x Lifestyle Photos (or 5 Stylized Photos)
Additional Features:
  • 1 Hour Consultation
  • ​RAWS + Premiere + Copyrights
  • ​2 Aspect Ratios (Viral & Review)
  • ​Script Approval
  • ​$100 Prop Budget
  • ​Facebook Compliant
  • ​Minor Revisions Included
Viral Video Ad
Primary Engagement Ad
(Includes 2 Aspect Ratios + 3 Scroll Stoppers)
Aspect Ratio #1 (Example: 1:1)
*Ideal for Social Media Ads
Aspect Ratio #2 (Example: 16:9)
*Ideal for Landing Page or Testing
3 Scroll Stopper Variations
Split Test Different Hooks for Higher Success (1 Aspect Ratio Only)
Scroll Stopper #1
Scroll Stopper #2
Scroll Stopper #3
3 Animated GIFS
Boost Engagement on Landing Page or Use as Ads
Animated GIF #1
Animated GIF #2
Animated GIF #3
Product Review
Review the Primary Benefits & Features (Includes 2 Aspect Ratios)
Aspect Ratio #1 (Example: 1:1)
*Ideal for Social Media Ads
Aspect Ratio #2 (Example: 16:9)
*Ideal for Landing Page
2 x Instagram Story Ads
0:15 Ad for Instagram & Facebook Stories (9:16 Ratio)
Story Variation #1
Story Variation #2
3D Animation (Optional)
3D Animation (Optional)
0:05 - 0:10 Duration
3 x iPhone Testimonials (UGC)
Authentic User Generated Reviews
UGC #1
UGC #2
UGC #3
Upsell Offer
Upsell Offer
Maximize AOV
Downsell Offer
Downsell Offer
Maximize AOV
Thank You Video
Thank You Video
Establish Trust & Expectations
5 x HD Product Photos (Optional)
For Website Use or Image Ads (No Model)
5 x Lifestyle Photos (Optional)
For Website Use or Image Ads (Includes 1 Model)
Scale Like a Pro With The Complete Marketer Package
Scale Your Brand With The Complete Marketer Package
*Prices can change at any time
  • 60 Min Consultation with CEO ($500 Value)
  •  Overview: Discuss your product & branding
  • Scripting: Any specific requests
  • Actors: Discuss Target Demographics & Ages
  • Video Offer Details: Discuss your Upsell, Downsell & Thank You videos.
  •  Strategy: Discuss with our e-commerce experts about how to execute your assets.
Want a Custom Package or Bulk Order?
At EcomVids, we treat your business like it's our own. Our responsibility is to provide you with the best customer experience possible by delivering amazing quality videos that exceed your expectations and help grow your business.

Dependability and trust is everything to us and we strive to build long-lasting relationships with all our clients.

We offer 3 revisions to ensure you are completely satisfied with your video!
What's The Process?
1. Choose the video package right for you - Click here

2. Fill out our client questionnaire with all the details of your product. 

3. Finally, ship your product to our studio & once we receive your product, we will complete your video within 
15-30 business days (or less).

When we are in high demand, delivery can take up to 30 business days. We are closed on a all major U.S. Holidays.
How Much is Your Service?
We have 3 different packages to choose from and additional add ons. Our prices range from $995 - $6,000 depending on your budget and requirements.

If you have a custom order that isn't on the website, just email us at or call us at (850) 739-2707 and we'll do our best to arrange something for you!
What's The Delivery Time?
The delivery time may vary depending on the shipping time of your product. If you are shipping your product to us from or then you could expect a 15-30 business day delivery time after we receive your product (30 business days during high demand). We recommend shipping from reliable sources such as to ensure guaranteed delivery.
What's The Fastest You Can Deliver a Video?
We offer RUSH Delivery for an additional $600 per video which is a 7 business day turn around.

Rush videos do put a lot of pressure on our team, we don't recommend ordering a Rush Video if you have specific actor requirements. The rush in production may affect the quality of your video. 
Do You Write The Scripts?
Yes! We do everything for you from ideation, production & editing. We have extremely talented in-house script writers who can generate awesome ideas for your products as well as come up with the perfect scripting for product reviews.
Do You Hire The Actors?
Yes! We have our own Talent Director who sources the perfect actor for your video(s). Just let us know in the questionnaire if there's a particular demographic you are looking for.
What if My Product Requires Animals/Pets?
Absolutely! We love including animals in videos! To add a pet or animal to your video there is an additional $50 charge per pet (or more depending on whether there are special requirements). In addition, there is no guarantee that the animal will be cooperative and thus the client may be subject to additional reshoot fees if we're unable to capture the scenes. Video delivery may also be delayed.
What If I Want Additional Actors?
No problem, just let us know how many and their look and we'd be happy to schedule them into your video shoot. We charge a minimum of $150 per additional actor.
Can You Shoot Off Location?
Products that require to be shot outside of our studio $200 per hour. Please email us exactly what locations you are looking for. 
Do You Offer Videos in Different Languages?
Yes! We offer video translations for captions for an additional $115. If you're looking for a specific actor to do a speaking role please email us and we'll let you know if we can make it happen. 
Do You Produce Kickstarter Videos?
Yes! This would be a custom package not listed on our website. Please email us with your requirements. 
Do I Get To Pick What Goes Into The Video?
You are able to tell us as much about your product & special requirements in the video questionnaire. We will do our very best to meet your expectations as long as they fit within our guidelines!  
Do You Offer Discounts?
We offer discounts for bulk orders. You may visit our bulk order page to see the quantity discounts we offer. Please e-mail us if you have a customized order.
What's Your Revision Policy?
Here at EcomVids we value your satisfaction and strive to provide the best client experience.

In order to maintain and preserve the quality of our service, we offer 3 minor revisions to your video within 14 days of video delivery - any additional revisions will be an additional cost.

Please include as much information as possible in each video revision request to keep your revisions to a minimum due to the lengthy process of revisions. Understand that every additional round of revisions will be extending the deadline of your project.

Three minor revisions include, but are not limited to:
* Minor Caption Modifications (Grammar, Font Choice, Style/Color, Sizing, Positioning, Removing, Adding, Stylization)
* Sequencing & Composition (Re-arrangement of Footage and Basic Framing)
* Effect Modifications (Remove or Replace Basic Effects or Transitions)
* Color Correction 
* Sound Effects & Music Changes
Do You Have a Money Back Guarantee?
We provide a 50% refund if you are unsatisfied with your order. This is because producing videos requires a lot of labor, time & resources. We invest into your product and do our best to knock it out of the park.

But if you're not satisfied we offer 3 minor revision per video. If we fail to deliver then a 50% refund will be initiated.
 *This does not include product cost.
How Long Are Your Videos?
Our videos will range from 0:30 - 2:00 depending on the package purchased.
Can You Edit My RAW Footage?
Sure thing! We can edit your footage for $300 per video and add the EcomVids touch to it. Final quote may vary depending on number of clips. Please email us for this.
Do I Own The Videos?
Yes absolutely! Once you receive your video, you own the rights to your final video. RAW + Premiere files are an additional $300.
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Orange, CA 92865