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Our Stupid Simple Process
So simple your grandma could do it...
Choose Your Video Ad 
Select the video package that best fits your needs. Include any additional add-ons to your order. Then, place your order on our secure form and you'll be on your way!
Answer The Questionnaire
Upon ordering you will be required to fill out our client questionnaire. Here you'll be able to include any specifications about your products and special requirements for us. This is a mandatory step.
Ship Us Your Product(s)
Once you've completed the questionnaire, send your product(s) to our Studio location: 476 W. Meats Ave Orange, CA 92865. 

Within a few short weeks you'll receive your video via email. It's that easy!
The Video Timeline
Here's what your video goes through...
(1-10 DAYS)
When we your product arrives at our studio our staff will immediately unbox it, categorize it and input it in our system. It then gets put into our queue for projects that are ready for coordinating!
The next stage is where our creative script writers take over. They go through all your questionnaire details, research your products and create an amazing script that contains all the necessary elements for a super engaging video ad.
(3-5 DAYS)
Once your script is completed, our casting team will search for the perfect talent to be represented in your video.  If a video requires a very specific demographic, this can cause delays due to actor availability.*
As soon as confirm with our talent that they are available for the shoot, we immediately schedule them in for the week among our other projects!
Before we shoot your video, we make sure to plan ahead and gather all necessary props and do any last minute improvements needed for a smooth shoot.
The day of the shoot is one of the most important days! We schedule anywhere from 1-2 hours for the shoot so we try to be as efficient as possible! Once we’re finished with your shoot, we review the footage and back it up on our servers.
(3-5 DAYS)
Once your RAWs have been shot, we immediately send it over to our editors. From there they will review the shotlist, RAW footage and create a beautiful first draft of your video ad.
We make sure to review your videos meticulously before sending them out. If the video passes with flying colors then we deliver it right away. If the video isn’t quite there yet, we’ll make the appropriate adjustments and re-assign it back to our editors.
Lastly, your video must pass the final review by our executive team. If the video is not where it needs to be it will be revised again by either the editors or production to include any additional content needed to be an amazing video ad. If your video gets approved then we will send it same day!

When your video is approved, we’ll deliver it via email along with all your add-ons. You may access your files via Google Drive and continue your marketing efforts! We offer unlimited revisions to ensure your satisfaction.
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