We Raised Prices…Here’s Why
Effective: April 29, 2020
When EcomVids was first created, we wanted to be the affordable, fast guys. We had ideas of creating warehouses full of video production teams almost like a line production inside a fast food joint. 
Here's why it doesn't work:
Creativity cannot be mass produced:

Every product is different and varies in complexity. Some take 5 minutes to set up, whereas some take half the day to prep. We try our best to fit everything into a certain time window, but you can’t have Great, Fast, & Cheap all at the same time when it comes to production. 
Customer service takes a hit:

Although we’d love to email and talk to every client and go above and beyond, we simply can’t because we’re human beings that can only do so much in a single day.
Quality control is 10x more difficult:

Although we pride ourselves in making great content, it can be difficult to QC every video when you’re filming 15-30 videos/day. 

We’ve all been to a fast food joint where:
a) They got your order wrong or 
b) There’s only 2 pieces of chicken in your taco when there should be 7. 

It’s inevitable that problems happen at our scale, so we wanna avoid those needless mistakes.
We’re extremely proud of all that we accomplished at the previous price points and we have thousands of videos to show what we are capable of. Although affordable and fast is convenient, what matters are the results our creatives bring. 
Here’s what you’ll get from EcomVids moving forward:
Additional Support & Communication

We are going to be emailing, calling, updating you more on your video status so there's no open ends on either side of the project. 

We'll do our best to over-communicate to you and find fast solutions.
Faster Turnaround

We realized the two biggest bottlenecks in our flow was casting & post-production. 

We’ve beefed up our casting department for quicker communication & teamed up with creative agencies like Konstant Kreative & No Limit Creatives for faster post-production without sacrificing quality.

These two reputable companies have built incredible teams and systems which we're grateful to combine forces with.
Better Actor / Quality

With higher prices, means higher budget for actors. The quality of your actor can make or break a video. 

You’ll be able to select your talent for your video if you choose to. Also we’ll be raising our actor's pay rate per video so we’ll be able to access a much larger pool of high-quality actors. 
Faster Revisions

We don’t want to nickel and dime you for every small revision or waste time. If you need a reasonable change, we’ll handle it. If things cost more money, we’ll let you know. 
Partnership Retainer Packages

We want to help brands grow bigger through consistent performance driven content and creative alignment. Think of us as your Dedicated Creative Marketing team. An extension of your brand and company. 

By working closer with us you'll have access to private Slack channels, strategy calls, performance briefs and consistent creatives that help you scale further than having an in-house team or working with freelancers. 
At EcomVids, we are here for you. We want your business to succeed as much as we want ours to succeed.

If you have any questions regarding our new pricing, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at info@ecomvids.com or Schedule a call with us.

To Your Success,
EcomVids Management
476 W Meats Ave
Orange, CA 92865