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EcomVids: Helping Thousands of Entrepreneurs Sell Their Products Through Direct Response Video Marketing
Get Affordable, High-Quality Video Ads Produced By Talented Marketers Who Can Actually Make Your Products SELL!🔥
 Get Affordable, High-Quality Video Ads Produced By Talented Marketers Who Can Actually Make Your Products SELL!🔥
Click Play To Learn how EcomVids is Changing the E-Com Industry... 
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"EcomVids is the industry leading e-commerce video marketing company that actually drives real results for their clients"
We Make Video Ads For:
We Create Video Ads For
Any Product. Any Niche.
Videos That Drive Likes, Comments, Shares, Clicks and Sales.
🔪 Kitchen & Household
4K Likes   939 Shares   3.5M Views
💄 Beauty & Cosmetics
2K Likes   2,351 Shares   6.2M Views
💪 Health & Fitness
1K Likes   1,757 Shares   4.6M Views
👶 Baby & Children
3K Likes   3,551 Shares   6.1M Views
👚 Clothing & Accessories
7K Likes   5,287 Shares   5.7M Views
🐶 Pet & Animal
1K Likes   852 Shares   3.8M Views
🔋 Gadgets & Electronics
4K Likes   5,376 Shares   5.7M Views
🌿 Supplements
7K Likes   4,215 Shares   5M Views
📱 Apps
4K Likes   2,256 Shares   6M Views
🏕 Outdoor
3K Likes   3,551 Shares   6.1M Views
💎 Novelty
1K Likes   1,757 Shares   4.6M Views
🚘 Automotive
4K Likes   939 Shares   3.5M Views
And it doesn't stop there...
You name it, we've shot it.
*Portfolio Updated 8/4/19
"EcomVids is the modern day infomercial"
- Jon (CEO & Founder)
Who is EcomVids? 🎥
EcomVids is the only video production company founded by REAL e-commerce marketers who have sold millions of dollars of products online.

We combine traditional direct response advertising and user generated content seamlessly into the social world to produce authentic, engaging video ads that inspires people to take action.

We're a combined team of over 30 creative & talented individuals who have an extreme PASSION for creating video ads.
To make it simple:
We Create Videos Designed to Move:
Ready to Work With EcomVids?
15-30 Business Day Delivery. Hands-Off. Simple & Easy.
  • Sell your products online successfully!
  • Increase consumer confidence!
  • Reduce time searching for freelancers!
  •  Prevent copyright infringement!
  •  Avoid complicated video software!
  •  Stop getting ripped off by scammers!
EcomVids Provides You With EVERY CREATIVE You Need to Market & Scale Your Products
  • Sell your products online successfully!
  • Increase consumer confidence!
  • Reduce time searching for freelancers!
  •  Prevent copyright infringement!
  •  Avoid complicated video software!
  •  Stop getting ripped off by scammers!
Ready to Work With EcomVids?
15 Business Day Delivery. No Hidden Costs. Fast & Simple.
EcomVids Provides You With EVERY CREATIVE You Need to Market & Scale Your Products
We Create Videos Designed to Move:
Most Video Production Companies Won't Waste Their Time On You Unless You Have Very Deep Pockets... 
Seriously? $5k-10k for a video that hasn’t even been tested or proven to sell is RISKY!

Traditional production companies are outdated in their strategy and methodology. Overly focused on creating a beautiful motion pictures that look amazing on camera, but don't actually drive sales.

Our approach focuses on producing your video in a way that’s authentic and native to the platform - one that fits smoothly into the social experience, but combines persuasive direct marketing elements to hook, educate, entertain and sell.

Ever heard of “commercial blindness?” 
People are blind to these "High-Production Value" video ads on Facebook & Instagram, simply because they know they're being sold to...

For the small investment of $10,000'll have people swiping right past your ad without even making it past the 3 second mark...

You know you've done it before...

So don’t make the mistake of pouring hard earned cash into an over-produced video when you can get high-converting content at fraction of the cost of your local production company.  
Ready to Work With EcomVids?
15-30 Business Day Delivery. Hands-Off. Simple & Easy.
Here’s Who Should Work With Us 🙋‍♂️
If you're a seasoned pro in the e-commerce industry or you're just getting started on Amazon or Shopify and need high-converting video ads without the expensive cost that comes from traditional production companies, then you're on the right landing page.

OR, if any of these apply to you:
  •  You AGREE that you want a reliable & trustworthy production company who actually cares about your success.
  •  You AGREE that spending $5k, $10k or $20k on a single video without any guarantee of success is not the brightest financial move.
  •  You AGREE you should trust the expertise of someone who has actually made money selling products, rather than just someone who specializes in making movies or art.
  •  You AGREE that you’re better off spending 1/10th of your budget on a video while keeping financial resources open for marketing.
  •  You AGREE that templated softwares, unreliable freelancers and agencies are complicated & overrated. 
Our Stupid Simple Process
So simple your grandma could do it...
Choose Your Video Ad 
Select the video package that best fits your needs. Include any additional add-ons to your order. Then, place your order on our secure form and you'll be on your way!
Answer The Questionnaire
Upon ordering you will be required to fill out our client questionnaire. Here you'll be able to include any specifications about your products and special requirements for us. This is a mandatory step.
Ship Us Your Product(s)
Once you've completed the questionnaire, send your product(s) to our Studio location: 476 W. Meats Ave Orange, CA 92865. Within 15-30 business days you'll receive your video via email. It's that easy!
The Video Timeline
Here's what your video goes through...
(1-10 DAYS)
When we your product arrives at our studio our staff will immediately unbox it, categorize it and input it in our system. It then gets put into our queue for projects that are ready for coordinating!
The next stage is where our creative script writers take over. They go through all your questionnaire details, research your products and create an amazing script that contains all the necessary elements for a super engaging video ad.
(3-5 DAYS)
Once your script is completed, our casting team will search for the perfect talent to be represented in your video.  If a video requires a very specific demographic, this can cause delays due to actor availability.*
As soon as we confirm with our talent that they are available for the shoot, we immediately schedule them in for the week among our other projects!
Before we shoot your video, we make sure to plan ahead and gather all necessary props and do any last minute improvements needed for a smooth shoot.
The day of the shoot is one of the most important days! We schedule anywhere from 1-2 hours for the shoot so we try to be as efficient as possible! Once we’re finished with your shoot, we review the footage and back it up on our servers.
(3-5 DAYS)
Once your RAWs have been shot, we immediately send it over to our editors. From there they will review the shotlist, RAW footage and create a beautiful first draft of your video ad.
We make sure to review your videos meticulously before sending them out. If the video passes with flying colors then we deliver it right away. If the video isn’t quite there yet, we’ll make the appropriate adjustments and re-assign it back to our editors.
Lastly, your video must pass the final review by our executive team. If the video is not where it needs to be it will be revised again by either the editors or production to include any additional content needed to be an amazing video ad. If your video gets approved then we will send it same day!

When your video is approved, we’ll deliver it via email along with all your add-ons. You may access your files via Google Drive and continue your marketing efforts! We offer 3 minor revisions upon delivery.
BOOM! Mind blown 🤯
Our Videos Have Changed Lives 🙏
Brands & Dropshippers have scaled their products globally with our video ads
Mayer Rosinsky
Mayer saw a 25% increase in conversions after using our Video Ad! Woohoo!
Tom Nguyen
E-Commerce Entrepreneur
Tom is STILL Running his Social Media ads with us and is bringing in sales!
Peter Nobbs
Amazon Entrepreneur
Peter's Amazon Listing spiked after launching his Amazon Product Review!
Oh yeah...we get hundreds of emails like these a month...
Join The Thousands of Entrepreneurs Like You Who Partnered With EcomVids to Transform Their Businesses...
15-30 Business Day Delivery. Hands-Off. Simple & Easy.
Meet Your Production Crew
EcomVids is comprised of dedicated individuals who's passion is creating amazing video ads.
We are an international team with 30 members and growing fast!
Chief Executive Officer
Vision / Marketing
Chief Creative Officer
Chief of Operations
Chief Financial Officer
Casting Manager
Customer Relations
Administrative Assistant
Prop Manager
Assistant Creative Director
Production Manager
Videographer / Production Assistant
Production Assistant
Fabrication / Pre-Production
PH Division Manager
Co-Lead Editor
Co-Lead Editor
Senior Editor
Senior Editor
Reggie L.
Lian P.
Albert D.
JC Luczon.
MJ Luczon.
Jesson G.
CJ Tagalicud.
Allan A.
Edmark A.
Ready to work with us?
15-30 Business Day Delivery. Hands-Off. Simple & Easy.
"At EcomVids, we treat your business like it's our own..."
Our responsibility is to provide you with the best possible customer experience by delivering amazing quality videos that exceed your expectations and help grow your business. Dependability and trust is everything to us and we strive to build long-lasting relationships with all our clients."
What's The Process?
1. Choose the video package right for you - Click here

2. Fill out our client questionnaire with all the details of your product. 

3. Finally, ship your product to our studio & once we receive your product, we will complete your video within 
15-30 business days (or less).

When we are in high demand, delivery can take up to 30 business days. We are closed on a all major U.S. Holidays.
How Much is Your Service?
Our video prices start at $995. We offer additional add-ons, bundles and more.

If you have a custom order that isn't on the website, just email us at or call us at (850) 739-2707 and we'll do our best to arrange something for you!

*Prices can change at anytime.

*Additional fees can take place after the initial order is placed if certain custom requirements are requested.
What's The Delivery Time?
The delivery time may vary depending on the shipping time of your product. If you are shipping your product to us from or then you could expect a 15-30 business day delivery time after we receive your product (30 business days during high demand).  

To restate, we are closed on weekends, so if you order on June 1st, you will not receive your video on June 30th, rather you would receive it on July 12th.  Business only include days we operate. Weekends and Observed Holidays are NOT included. 

We recommend shipping from reliable sources such as to ensure guaranteed delivery.
What's The Fastest You Can Deliver a Video?
We offer RUSH Delivery for an additional $800 per video which is a 7 business day turn around.

Rush videos do put a lot of pressure on our team, we don't recommend ordering a Rush Video if you have specific actor requirements. The rush in production may affect the quality of your video. 
Do You Write The Scripts?
Yes! We do everything for you from ideation, production & editing. We have extremely talented in-house script writers who can generate awesome ideas for your products as well as come up with the perfect scripting for product reviews.
Do You Hire The Actors?
Yes! We have our own Talent Director who sources the perfect actor for your video(s). Just let us know in the questionnaire if there's a particular demographic you are looking for.
What if My Product Requires Animals/Pets?
Absolutely! We love including animals in videos! To add a pet or animal to your video there is an additional $75 charge per pet (or more depending on whether there are special requirements). In addition, there is no guarantee that the animal will be cooperative and thus the client may be subject to additional reshoot fees if we're unable to capture the scenes. Video delivery may also be delayed.
What If I Want Additional Actors?
No problem, just let us know how many and their look and we'd be happy to schedule them into your video shoot. We charge a minimum of $150 per additional actor.
Can You Shoot Off Location?
Products that require to be shot outside of our studio $200 per hour. Please email us exactly what locations you are looking for. 
Do You Offer Videos in Different Languages?
Yes! We offer video translations for captions for an additional $115. If you're looking for a specific actor to do a speaking role please email us and we'll let you know if we can make it happen. 
Do You Produce Kickstarter Videos?
Yes! This would be a custom package not listed on our website. Please email us with your requirements. 
Do I Get To Pick What Goes Into The Video?
You are able to tell us as much about your product & special requirements in the video questionnaire. We will do our very best to meet your expectations as long as they fit within our guidelines!  
Do You Offer Discounts?
We offer discounts for bulk orders. You may visit our bulk order page to see the quantity discounts we offer. Please e-mail us if you have a customized order.
What's Your Revision Policy?
Here at EcomVids we value your satisfaction and strive to provide the best client experience.

In order to maintain and preserve the quality of our service, we offer 3 minor revisions to your video within 14 days of video delivery - any additional revisions will be an additional cost.

Please include as much information as possible in each video revision request to keep your revisions to a minimum due to the lengthy process of revisions. Understand that every additional round of revisions will be extending the deadline of your project.

Three minor revisions include, but are not limited to:
* Minor Caption Modifications (Grammar, Font Choice, Style/Color, Sizing, Positioning, Removing, Adding, Stylization)
* Sequencing & Composition (Re-arrangement of Footage and Basic Framing)
* Effect Modifications (Remove or Replace Basic Effects or Transitions)
* Color Correction 
* Sound Effects & Music Changes
Do You Have a Money Back Guarantee?
We provide a 50% refund if you are unsatisfied with your order. This is because producing videos requires a lot of labor, time & resources. We invest into your product and do our best to knock it out of the park.

But if you're not satisfied we offer 3 minor revision per video. If we fail to deliver then a 50% refund will be initiated.
 *This does not include product cost.
How Long Are Your Videos?
Our videos will range from 0:30 - 2:00 depending on the package purchased.
Can You Edit My RAW Footage?
Sure thing! We can edit your footage for $300 per video and add the EcomVids touch to it. Final quote may vary depending on number of clips. Please email us for this.
Do I Own The Videos?
Yes absolutely! Once you receive your video, you own the rights to your final video. RAW + Premiere files are an additional $300.
Can You Keep My Product For Future Videos?
Yes, but only for 3 weeks after the video has been delivered. After that period we will automatically donate the product to charity. 
Can You Send Back My Product?
Yes, but you are responsible for sending a Pre-Paid Return Label with your product or emailing to  There will be a $25 handling fee charge.
Now is your chance to work us!
15-30 Business Day Delivery. No Hidden Costs. Fast & Simple.
  • Sell your products online successfully!
  • Increase consumer confidence!
  • Reduce time searching for freelancers!
  •  Prevent copyright infringement!
  •  Avoid complicated video software!
  •  Stop getting ripped off by scammers!
EcomVids Provides You With EVERY CREATIVE You Need to Market & Scale Your Products
476 W Meats Ave
Orange, CA 92865